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Alfa Romeo Giulietta DNA Power SwitchOur latest software development for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0 JTDm 170bhp allows a further +45bhp & +86lbft to be delivered using the DNA swith on the move.

Alfa Romeos' patented DNA switch allows for a choice of 3 different drive settings for various conditions. The three settings available are Dynamic, Normal and All weather. Naturally 'Dynamic' is the sportiest of the 3 with a very notable sharpness in throttle and more torque through the entire rev range.

We have utilised this technolgy so that 'Normal' mode of the switch drives as standard and when required a complete transformation of power delivery can be delivered by engaging 'Dynamic' mode.

A complete review can be found in the November edition of Diesel Car or can be test driven at Bradleys Alfa Romeo, Scorier, Cornwall.


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