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The I-CTDi Engine

I-CTDi-RemapThe term I-CTDi stands for “Intelligent Common Rail Turbo Diesel Injection” and references the type of diesel injection method used. A common rail engine runs at pressures up to 2,000 bar (29,400 PSI) and can inject up to 7 times per cycle per cylinder. The fuel is delivered to all injectors by one fuel rail “Common rail” and is electronically controlled for upmost precision of injection timing. The modern common rail diesel engine can inject up to 7 times per cycle and has been the key to current refinement and economy standards.

I-CTDi ECU Remap

An I-CTDI Remap from Celtic Tuning can completely transform your I-CTDI engine and revolutionise your own driving experience. The introduction of modular engines and the huge leap forward in electronic control has meant that a I-CTDi remap can exploit the potential in your engine whilst staying within factory tolerances. Manufacturers use this same technique to vary the output of engines that they provide you with to save on costs and maximise profits.

Benefits of a Celtic Tuning I-CTDi Remap

tick A I-CTDi Remap will increase Power
tick A I-CTDi Remap will improve fuel economy
tick A I-CTDi Remap will improve driver enjoyment
tick A Celtic Tuning I-CTDi Remap will maintain reliability
tick A Celtic Tuning I-CTDi Remap will ensure NO DPF problems
tick A I-CTDi Remap will provide smoother power delivery
tick A I-CTDi Remap will provide safer over taking ability

I-CTDi Fuel Economy

Having your I-CTDi Remap with Celtic Tuning will not only increase the power of your engine it will also provide you with great gains in fuel economy. The key to fuel economy is fuel pressure and torque delivery which is how modern diesel engines are achieving such impressive figures. A Celtic tuning I-CTDi Remap optimises fuel pressure points and torque delivery to ensure that under general driving conditions you will see a nice improvement in fuel economy.

How to get a I-CTDi Remap

If you are interested in remapping your I-CTDi engine then please simply either get in contact or fill in our quote form and select the information for your vehicle. Once the quote request is received one of our highly trained technical staff will respond with all the information required on our performance software. To fill in the enquiry form please visit here.

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