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Toyota ja Lexus Optimointi Nyt Saatavilla

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Performance made simple

Are you looking to offer ECU remaps to your customers but are unsure as to where to start or who to choose as your file provider?

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The secret is Development

We develop all software in house in our state of the art 4WD linked dyno cells.

Our development programs are unrivalled and as a result our software is of the highest standards delivering real world power gains and guaranteed safety for your vehicle.

Looking to invest in a dyno? We are the european distributor for Dynocom

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Safe Power Gains

All of our software is dyno-developed in-house in our state-of-the-art dyno cells ensuring all upgrades are safe, and reliable and deliver real performance gains.


Software Options

We provide solutions to suit all customer needs or wishes. Whether it is EGR blanking, VMax removal, Rev limit increase or even secondary O2 delete. We can offer solutions for most makes and models.


Management Portal

To ensure you have as much help as possible, we developed our dealer portal system aimed at making tuning cars easier. We do this by providing such info as ECU types, ECU location, OBD locations and more.


Software Warranty

We are so confident in our software that we offer a worldwide mechanical breakdown warranty that is underwritten by our insurance company. Please check for full T&C’s.


Secure File Transfer

Our bespoke file transfer system uses state-of-the-art servers around the world. This ensures that all files are transferred safely without data corruption and backs them up ensuring you never lose customers' original software.


DVLA Integration

For UK dealers we have integrated the DVLA lookup system which ensures the correct vehicle information is provided for both you and your customers..


Online Invoicing

Managing your account has never been so easy with our fully itemised invoices and easy online payment system.


Your Website Integrated

Managing website data can be very tedious and time-consuming. To help with this we have an API system which manages this for you providing all stats, supported vehicles, options available, dyno charts and videos direct to your website.

  • Remote Desktop Support

  • Full Training on Hardware

  • Instant Message Integration

  • Telephone Support

  • SMS Notifications

  • Email Support


Automated File Service

As true innovaters within our industry, we have heavily invested in our automated file service. Autopack enables dealers in all time-zones to work in real time.

24 hours 365 days

Our bespoke autopack service can process 6GB of data in under 10 seconds, ensuring that your files are processed and modified using our dyno developed software and uploaded to your portal in less than 1 minute. With safety features built in this is a fail-safe system ensuring a 100% success rate for maximum confidence.

Hardware packages to support you and your budget

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Straightforward Pricing

Our pricing structure is straight forward, we charge per file as and when you use them on a monthly invoicing cycle.

No contracts
No Contracts
No minimum files
No Minimum Files
No release fees
No Release Fees
No support fees
No Support fees

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    The Celtic Tuning network is about quality, not quantity. We focus on customer satisfaction combined with automotive professionals.


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